Enrich Your Brand with Exclusively Crafted Products That Stand Out

Craft Bespoke Offerings with Select Items from Multiple Suppliers, All Encased in Premium Packaging

End to End Supply-Chain for Rising Brands

From Factory Floor to Front Door.

Free Unlimited Sourcing Requests

Experience the Freedom of Unlimited Sourcing – On Us!
Kickstart as many projects as you wish and send out unlimited number of RFQs. Receive quotations from a diverse range of manufacturers to ensure you never settle on quality or price.

Unlimited Sample Reports​

Always-on Sample Analysis for Informed Decisions
Make decisions backed by insights. Our product and branding specialists will scrutinize your samples and provide you with in-depth reports, trimming down your wait times and shipment costs.

Free Unlimited China Storage

Zero-Cost China Storage for Optimal Inventory Management
Leverage our extensive China storage infrastructure without the added expense. Lower your inventory carrying costs, accelerate restocking, and ensure more dependable turnaround times.

Guaranteed Best Shipping Rates

Your Global Shipping, Our Price Commitment
Whether you’re shipping containers by sea directly to your FBA warehouse or Dropshipping to global customers, we promise to deliver the most competitive fee quotation in the market. Guaranteed!

Unlimited Sales Channel Integrations

Seamless Channel Integration, Limitless Fulfillment Options Connect every sales channel to our platform for effortless global distribution. Whether it’s creating FBA Inbound Shipments, dispatching goods to your 3PL, or utilizing our local warehouse network for last-mile delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Replenishment & Transfer Alerts

Smart Replenishment & Transfer Notifications
Stay always in stock! Our advanced AI-driven insights alert you on the optimal times and quantities to reorder, ensuring your fulfillment centers are always supplied just right.

Free Unlimited 3PL Locations

Unlimited 3PL Locations at No Extra Cost
Set up and oversee multiple 3PL locations effortlessly. With us, you’re empowered to make the most strategic distribution decisions, ensuring your supply chain operates at its peak efficiency.

100% Order & Shipping Insurance

Risk-Free Operations with Our Supply Chain Shield
Rest easy, we’ve got your back! Mitigate risks From production to delivery, our Supply Chain Shield Insurance provides full invoice value coverage, ensuring protection whenever you need it most.

Branded Bundles & Kits

Stand out from the competition with bespoke products that are hard to replicate, all assembled in-house.

Create your own customized packaging and add product inserts to any bundle or kit to carry your distinct brand signature.

Consolidate product samples from different suppliers efficiently to save costs and enjoy the freedom to create endless item combinations, ensuring the ultimate product differentiation for your brand.

Global Distribution Network​

Increase your brand’s reach and last mile delivery experience by strategically placing your inventory in multiple worldwide locations.

Whether you’re shipping your goods directly from your manufacturer, our central logistics hub in China, or from local spots around the world, we ensure efficient and swift distribution tailored to your brand’s growth.

All in One Logistics Solution

Gain maximum visibility and full control over your inventory throughout the entire supply chain cycle with our robust Inventory Management System.

Manage Purchase Orders, Sourcing Requests, Supplier Payments, Inventory Levels, Inbound, and DropShip Orders, all from one central platform. Save on costly third-party software and streamline your operations with the world’s most advanced supply chain management tool.

Every Service Tailored To Your Needs

Reduce costs and save time

  • Get better quotations with our local team sourcing and negotiating prices on your behalf
  • Save time and money by having us review your samples in China and/or by consolidating samples into one shipment
  • Have your product prepped and shipped from China to FBA warehouses or to your 3PL
  • DropShip products directly to your customers from multiple locations

Avoid scams and ensure 100% safety

  • Avoid scams, unreliable suppliers and Alibaba middlemen. Have our experienced staff vet suppliers and pick the ones that are the most reliable
  • Have any faulty or damaged packaging replaced before shipping them to FBA warehouses
  • Secure your seller account and listing by having your units properly packed, labeled and protected

Create better products in less time

  • Develop customized products that stand out and are hard to copy
  • We have the resources and experience to put together a unique product using few different suppliers
  • Control your product development cycle through our clean and simple platform

service pricing

*Sourcing Service is FREE for accounts that maintain a minimum balance of $200 USD or more. 

About FactoryDesk.com

We are on a mission to empower DTC brands to boost their revenue and market presence by delivering innovative, highly branded bespoke products that set them apart from the competition. Through our comprehensive suite of services, including sustainable packaging solutions and cutting-edge supply chain strategies, we are committed to enhancing the overall brand experience, ensuring our clients not only compete but lead in their respective markets.