how it works

From Sourcing Request (RFQ) to Delivery

Our process is designed to streamline your supply chain from the initial sourcing request all the way to delivery, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and satisfaction at every step. Here’s an abstract overview of how we transform your supply chain challenges into seamless operational success.


Initiating a Sourcing Request

Discovery: It all begins with your sourcing request. Share your product needs, specifications, and business objectives with us.

Analysis: Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis to understand your requirements in the context of your project and brand goals.


Supplier Selection and Vetting

Identification: Leveraging our vast network, we identify potential suppliers that align with your quality standards, budget, and timelines.

Evaluation: Through rigorous vetting, we evaluate these suppliers on multiple fronts, including quality control, compliance, and sustainability.


Quotation Approval

Quotation Generation: Based on the vetted suppliers, we generate detailed quotations that outline costs, timelines, and terms.

Approval Process: You review the quotations, and we work together to select the most suitable option that meets your needs, ensuring transparency and alignment on expectations.


Sample Review and Approval

Prototype Development: We work with the chosen suppliers to develop samples or prototypes, ensuring they meet your exact requirements.

Feedback and Refinement: You review the samples, provide feedback, and we refine the product until it meets your complete satisfaction.


Purchase Order & Goods Receiving

Issuing Purchase Orders: Once the sample is approved, you can submit a purchase order of the selected item.

Receiving Goods: As goods are produced and shipped, we oversee their receipt, ensuring they are correct, complete, and in perfect condition. This stage includes quality checks and inventory updates to prepare for the next steps of fulfillment.


Store Integration & Order Fulfillment

Integration with Sales Channels: We integrate our logistics system with your online stores and marketplaces, ensuring that inventory levels are updated in real-time across all sales channels.

Order Fulfillment Process: As orders are placed, our fulfillment centers spring into action, picking, packing, and shipping products directly to your customers. This process is optimized for speed and accuracy, ensuring a seamless customer experience.