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When we first came to China in 2007, all the spotlights were focused on selling on eBay and dropshipping rather than Amazon FBA. Back then we started providing sourcing and freight forwarding services, mostly for clients from Israel. Little did we know that few years later selling Private Label products on Amazon would see a huge growth in popularity. Increasingly more people started contacting us about sourcing, freight forwarding and other services that would help them get their Private Label products in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner. We’ve already had the infrastructure, people and experience, so it was only natural for us to transition our business model to the one that caters specifically to Amazon Private Label sellers. We’ve also already had experience in product development and soon started creating and launching our own PL products, on top of helping other Private Label sellers handle everything on China side.

The growing demand

This brings us to year 2015. The Amazon FBA scene has blown up and brought many more new sellers. Everyone and their dog have jumped on the bandwagon with the notion that they only need to slap their own label on a generic product and they’ll soon make a quick buck on Amazon. Needless to say, what might have worked in 2010 or even 2013, doesn’t work anymore today. Our clients have quickly realized this and started inquiring more and more about product customization – the inquiries being about anything from custom packaging, accessories, modifying the product or creating a whole new custom mold.

The demand for creating customized Private Label products has never been so high. In order for someone to break into the market with a new product and keep the sales sustainable, you need to differentiate the product enough. This requires at least some degree of product customization, which renders the whole process of sourcing and creating a product much more complicated, longer, riskier and more expensive. The only way to create customized Private Label products effectively is to either be in China and have the necessary experience and resources or to have someone like that in China handle it for you. This is exactly who we are – your partner in China.

Who we are

We take care of all the “dirty work” in China so you can focus on what actually brings money to your business: marketing your products, optimizing the listings and searching for new opportunities. We’re a boutique shop, a custom-tailored solution. You get the flexibility of working with a small business like us combined with a robust and clean web platform to manage and keep track of everything in a very efficient manner. No more going back and forth via email or messengers with your suppliers, designer, FBA prep center, and freight forwarder. We cover all your needs while saving you lots of time and money in the process. What could otherwise be a few month procedure full of potential risks and obstacles, we make into a very straightforward, cost and time-efficient project. You’re not giving up any control, in fact you’re gaining more control because you’re leveraging our negotiation power, lack of timezone difference, access to our expertise, our relationships with freighting companies and so much more. We’ll get you lower quotes, and lower shipping fees, and low-cost FBA prepping, and provide in-process consulting at no additional fees, while adding value to your product. We have years’ of experience creating powerful branding that makes the products sell and allows for higher profit margins. We also have the track record to prove this. Whether you already have an Amazon FBA business or are just starting out, we’re ready to help you take it to the next level. See the proven 6-phase Product Development process we use to create best selling products.

Apart from being your ultimate one-stop product development solution, we also offer logistics services separately, including FBA prepping. See all the logistics we offer and get a shipping quote from us.

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