Custom-Tailored Logistics


Whether you’re just looking for a specific logistics service or an A-Z solution, we have you covered. Because of our firm relationships in cargo industry, you can enjoy fast and secure shipping at highly competitive rates (10-30% lower than those offered by Chinese suppliers). We’re one of the few to offer the combination of high flexibility of a boutique FBA prepping warehouse and the reliability of big freight forwarders.

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Sample consolidation


Have your samples shipped to our warehouse in China and consolidated into one shipment, saving hundreds of dollars and time in the process.

We can get samples in China for $0-5 and delivered as fast as 1-2 days. The more samples you want to order, the exponentially more money you’re saving.

Average money saved on an order of 6 samples
All it takes to receive up to 15 different samples in a consolidated shipment

  Goods inspection and Quality Control



Having your goods inspected while they’re still in China is crucial for your Amazon Seller’s account. Simply performing a QC on your products will drastically lower the risk of having your listing and/or Amazon account suspended because of few bad reviews.

And on an off chance something is wrong with your goods, you have a lot more options to fix whatever issues you might have with the products. You could have the damaged/flawed packaging re-assembled, or have your supplier replace the defective units. In some cases, getting an at least partial refund is possible, while none of all those options are possible if you’re inspecting the products in your home country.


Average percentage of defective units in a typical order that could compromise your listings and Seller account
Money saved on an inspected 1000 units' order that could otherwise have 5% defective units, at a $4 per unit price
Safety ensured after inspection that your products have been manufactured properly and are free of flaws

Labeling, bundling and FBA prepping


Goods storage


Your MOQ for the packaging, accessories or the product itself is larger than the volume you want shipped to FBA warehouses?

No problem, we’ll store anything for you.

This especially makes sense when you’re ordering, say, 5000 pieces of packaging/accessories but only 1000 pieces of your product. We’ll just store the excess product parts for you until it’s time to put together/ship your product again.

Don’t rely on your supplier to store packaging/accessories for you. This is never the priority of their business. Your goods can easily get messed up this way – be it moisture, dust, or getting squashed under a big pile of cartons.

We’ll safely store your goods in a dedicated warehouse.

Freight forwarding


We seal every carton


This is yet another thing that differentiates a boutique service like FactoryDesk from your typical Chinese supplier/Alibaba agent.

Where Chinese suppliers are often somewhat careless about packing your units securely, we pay special care and take this very seriously.

We’ll put tape all over your cartons to strengthen and seal them for shipment. Your cartons will never get torn, smashed, or wet.

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