Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t want to add another middle man to my manufacturing chain because that would mean yet another cut to my profit margins, right?

A: That couldn’t be more wrong, since you’ll always have the freedom to buy directly from your suppliers and use our service only for storage and shipping.

By working with us you can be assured that you’re getting products from a REAL factory and not an agent. You can always hear Amazon FBA sellers say “Oh, my supplier is great, he just happened to be able to manufacture 2 or 3 completely different products in the same niche for me”. If this sounds like you, then it’s an almost sure tell that you’re dealing with an agent, not a factory. And this also means they get their cut, while providing nothing beyond sourcing. We do sourcing and then so much more.

We’re not an agency, we’re a boutique service, and your partner in China. We only deal with handpicked clients and put emphasis on establishing lasting relationships and trust.

The few percent cut we’re getting is minuscule compared to the much more significant raise in margins you’ll be able to get – we specialize in adding more value to existing products.

Q: I like the idea of having a platform where I can track everything, but I’m concerned it’s going to make things less flexible.

A: This is just a misconception. We’re not a service catering to hundreds or thousands of sellers – rather, we’re a boutique shop catering to your specific needs. We provide a lot of flexibility and in-process guidance. The platform is there to make the process more efficient and more clear for both parties involved. By solely having the platform in place we’re reducing the chance of any misunderstandings close to 0% and eliminating a lot of back and forth e-mail.

Q: I don’t need your sourcing service, my Alibaba sourcing agent does everything for me.

A: Yes, it’s true that there are some more reliable Alibaba sourcing agents out there and you might have already developed a relationship with one. But one of the big reasons why FactoryDesk enables you to save a lot of time and money is that we’re a one-stop boutique solution. You don’t have to deal with language barrier and waste time on going back and forth with 4 different people in various time zones. We handle everything from sourcing, sample consolidation, packaging design, FBA prepping, Quality Control, all the way to freight forwarding. We lift that huge weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on what actually grows your business.

Q: There is no flat fee for me to pay upfront, so how do you guys make your money?

A: Since we have a local team in China specialized in sourcing, we can negotiate down the prices and get lower MOQs. While we’ll take a small cut from prices of the products you’ll choose to eventually go with, you can be rest assured that the price quotation you’ll get from us will still be more competitive than what you’d get from most Alibaba or GlobalSources suppliers.

We believe in a smart, adequate pricing structure. If you’re just starting out, you won’t want to pay thousands of dollars up front. But after you successfully launch your first products with us, you won’t mind paying a small cut for such a huge weight taken off your shoulders and all the provided value.

Q: I’d like to only get the sample review service, or just the sourcing service. Is that possible?

A: Of Course it’s Possible. While we do provide many logistics services as a whole. We can provide any service separately tailored tp your needs. There are optional services you may choose once you create your first project in your FactoryDesk account (there’s plenty of flexibility).

Q: Do I need to provide you with logo and packaging designs?

A: You can provide us with your design or we can have one of our experienced designers help you at an additional charge.

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