How It Works

Our 6-phase process has been proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to develop Private Label products with all ranges of customization.

Whether you just want to test the market and roll out a simple product or you want to create a truly customized product, this 6-phase product development process is the most time and cost effective way to do it.

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Phase 1 – Quotation

Create a new project in your FactoryDesk account


Enter the details of your new product idea: links to existing similar products, your rough budget, and estimated order quantity. Specify whether or not you want a custom logo and packaging.

While not all of the information is required at this stage, the more details you can give us, the faster we’ll be able to get the necessary quotations and samples from the suppliers.

We find the right suppliers and come back with a range of products


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Phase 2 – Sample Order

Decide which samples you want us to order


After you’ve compared the products in your new FactoryDesk project, you can simply check off the ones you’re interested in receiving the samples for.

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Phase 3 – Sample Review

 We order and review samples at our office in China


Having your samples reviewed at our office in China can easily save you a lot of time and money. You’ll only have to pay a few dollars to get the samples shipped to our office.

Once the samples arrive, we take detailed photos and upload them to your account along with the report. Bad products get weeded out immediately – so you no longer have to pay $50 in shipping costs just to receive a sample of a poor quality product.

We’ll assess your samples’ overall Quality Score based on their usability, quality and durability. From there you can also optionally decide to have the good looking samples consolidated into one shipment and sent to you.

Go/No-Go decision


After receiving and reviewing your samples, we’ll be able to provide you with:

At this stage you can estimate the profitability of your product fairly accurately and make a go/no-go decision.

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Phase 4 – Design Process

Upload the designs


Simply upload the files containing your packaging and logo designs. Specify any special requirements you might have; we recommend you also give us a UPC code to print on packaging – this way you can always re-sell your product outside of Amazon.

Alternatively, we can use one of our experienced designers to do the packaging and logo design for you.


Packaging production done right


Our team is experienced in working with the printing factories. Since MOQs for printings are always much higher than almost any kind of product, we’ll be ordering more packaging than the actual product order volume and storing the excess amount at our warehouse.
This does two things:


In-process consulting


The Design Process phase is where our in-process consulting comes the most handy.

You’ll receive feedback and guidance to make your product even better and increase its value. All of this at absolutely no additional charge. We’ve built some strong brands in e-commerce over the last 8 years and we’ll help you build yours.

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Phase 5 – Production

Final quote

Depending on the iterations we’ve gone through at this point and the extent of customization added on top of your first requirements (we’re a flexible bunch over here), we may need to get the final quote(s) from the supplier(s).

Placing an order

We upload production items that include prices and all the details into your project. You make the final decision, specify the order quantity, and hit the proverbial big red “order” button.


We offer two fast, reliable and safe payment methods:

No more pricey transfer fees and no more international wired transfers that take few days. We pay the supplier 30% to start the production and we only pay the other 70% once the production is finished and the goods have been made according to the specifications.

On an off chance something is wrong with your order, we’ll either have the supplier fix the goods or refund you the money (in our 8 years’ experience we only had to do this once, and we managed to get all of the money back!).


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Phase 6 – Shipment

Goods inspection and Quality Control


Labeling, bundling and FBA prepping


Professional product photo shoot


We’ll take high quality raw photos that you can either send to your designer or have our staff edit them for you. This way you save both time and money, and you’re able to build out your Amazon listing faster than ever before.


Freight forwarding

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